Imagination in Westport, CT

About Pamela Zaremba

I think of myself as a storyteller and historian. My favorite books, including fairytales, influence my creative world. My view of the world tends to be unique, quirky, and curious, much like Alice in the Looking Glass; I use my lens to capture my interpretation.

I see the beauty in odd places, people, and things. An abandoned building that has lied dormant for years inspires me to imagine its previous inhabitants. A cloudy aqua bottle from the past takes on human qualities when held in a certain way. It is the use of light and imagination in Westport, CT, that brings these seemingly inanimate objects to life.

Similarly, I am inspired by portraits of children from age three to sixteen from which I can pull stories from mythic narratives and translate them into relevant imagery. These stories compare two worlds, which gives access to the viewer to reconnect with a fantasy world lost forgotten once adulthood emerges. These images are an unexpected but timeless way to celebrate and preserve the child’s sense of wonder.

My experience as a professional photographer for over twenty-five years has afforded me access to a multitude of settings from commercial shoots in Mongolia to exhibiting art Art Basel Miami. My passion has deepened throughout the years as a form of both professional and personal artistic expression. I have gained steadfast focus on content over the superficial. It is my mission to bring a singular perspective of the complex layers of the human experience to the foreground.

Please contact me to use my imagination to tell your story.