Portrait Stories

In my latest endeavor I have explored private portraits where I focus on capturing stories that I have created based on fairy tales where children can act, play and explore. These stories show a transformation from one world to the next. I find the transition of young girls to adults compelling, thus I strive to capture what I see within. In my photographs I sometimes catch the glimpse of the woman she will become, either behind a smile, in her eyes, or in her body language.

I reference fairytales as a guide to help the subjects tell their story through interpretation which enables her to travel between places of good versus evil, present versus future, real versus surreal. Because our current culture does not always support environments for natural creative play, such as dressing up, I strive to revive a tradition which I cherished in my childhood, growing up in a remote place where I relied on my imagination to explore different worlds.

I shoot for families who understand and appreciate this alternative approach in capturing the freedom and innocence of their child’s personal expression. I give permission to enter a magical world where there is access to new perspectives referenced from timeless narratives. The result is a piece of work that can be displayed as fine art, instead of staid portraitures. In both process and tangible result, the child experiences a new world. Here begins the adventure…

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